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Green hay, brush-harvested seed, find a species mix that fits your site
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Equipment or local people for hire to help with your project
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Saplings and seedlinds to help kick start your new woodland
  • The Idea

    The Idea

    With the growing interest and adoption of rewilding and nature restoration projects, both at large and small scales, the demand for essential ingredients and tools to support these initiatives is on the rise. However, sourcing these components, ranging from green hay for creating wildflower-rich grasslands to specialised farm equipment and even specific animals like pigs,…

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  • The Potential Power of Livestock Sharing

    The Potential Power of Livestock Sharing

    The integration of livestock is a crucial component in the tapestry of rewilding. Yet, the continuous upkeep of these animals isn’t always a practical ambition for smaller ventures. That’s why the adoption of short-term livestock partnerships could be a game-changer. Why Livestock Matter in Rewilding In rewilding, animals like sheep, cattle, and goats act as…

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  • The Power of Local

    The Power of Local

    When it comes to creating wildflower meadows, the source of your seeds plays a vital role in the success and long-term sustainability of your project. While it may be tempting to opt for generic seed mixes from national suppliers, there are compelling reasons why using local seed sources is not only advantageous but also promotes…

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Date: November 14, 2023

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